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I have a Symbol 9090 scanner. Instead of input via keyboard I want to use the scanner for input (by scanning a barcode with for example an article number). I can not figure out how B4ppc can use the scanner. If made a small programm, but the laser of the scanner does not start.
Can someone help me?


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I just wanted to let you know that I have developed three applications for a Wasp 3200 Bar Code Scanner. I am working on my 4th. I have written all of them using Basic4PPC. I must tell you that Basic4PPC is a fantastic platform for such development.

I posted to Erel when I was first asked to undertake the work (just to make certain that it was possible to do such work in the Basic4PPC environment). I believe in his original reply he said that it could be done by using the serial library to catch the input from the scanner.

As it turned out, I did not need to use the library, since the Wasp 3200 comes with a program called scan2key that allows you to scan the bar code directly into a text box. I suspect that you will find a very similar program on the Symbol 9090. Like the Wasp 3200, the Symbol 9090 seems to run Windows Mobile 5.0 (sometimes called CE 5.0).

I suggest you check first to see if a program like scan2key is available on the Symbol device and if so just activate it. You may have to set up certain values to get the right input. In the case of the Wasp 3200, I had to set the termination character to a Carriage Return so that I could catch the end of the input string and move on to the next field.

This is rather long winded, but I wanted you to know, that with or without the scan2key device you can get your application working. Basic4PPc is a fantastic tool. It runs rings around any of the Microsoft development tools.

Additionally, the ability to create and access SQLite databases has also been a great help to me.

First try to find a scan2key like application on your device, and use it if you find it. Failing that turn to the serial library.

I am sure that you will find Erel is very prompt in answering questions, if you run into any difficulties.


P.S. This is a link to Erel's reply about working with scanners:


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Try clicking on the control panel and then on an icon for scanner. If a scan2key like application is on the device, it should be there. It should allow you to set the types of bar codes that you will be reading, the termination character, and when to start the application. I have mine set to start on device startup.

This quote is from a Symbol 9090 website about specifications for the device:

"1D Standard-range scan engine; 1D Long-range scan engine; omni-directional 1D and 2D imaging engine"

The Web Address Is:

The specifications lead me to believe that a scanner interface will probably be included in the device.

Do you have a manual for the device? If so, check there.

Also, when you click the pistol does the scanner go on.? Maybe you have a hardware problem, or you simply put the pistol grip on incorrectly.

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