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Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by robert black, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. robert black

    robert black Member Licensed User

    is there anyway that i can add an aditional help file in the device editor giving generl,constants,controls,keywords + my own file notes
    i have tried copying constants and renameing but still not seen by editor

    the idea is not only to store notes but also a way of importing text
    many thanks

  2. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    The Device IDE Help files are simple text files...

    You can, although I don't indulge it, alter these files and have the content you need displayed by the IDE as if it was part of the help file...
    I think...
  3. robert black

    robert black Member Licensed User

    re help files

    thanks for quick reply and your time
    i'm new to basic4ppc but not entirely new to programmeing but i find
    importing various snipets of code useful for experimenting
    i don't think that the copy paste in the editor reflects the windows clip board therefore
    i paste code into constants.txt open basic4ppc call the constants file via the help menu
    and then copy the code and paste it into sbp file
    long winded but quicker then typing

    hence the request for a seperate .txt file
    if there is any easier way of getting code into the progamme please let me know
    once again thank you for replying and after trying various programmeing tools eg ppl
    i hopefully have found a well supported and quite flexible developement tool

    thanks for your help look forward to your reply

  4. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    Well, B4ppc allows you to seperate your codding into several text files (.txt) and now with 6.50 it add the ability to have modules...
    you could create a single module consisting of all your snipets of code, and add it to a project and this way have all your snipets subs available for copy/paste into the sub of your choice...
    the textfiles are blind files at design time, as you connot "import" its content into the current project, but only "Tell" the editor that those code lines are part of the current project.
  5. robert black

    robert black Member Licensed User

    help files


    thanks for reply you guys are really quick with responses --- brilliant

    i may be misleading you a bit the copy/paste problem is on the device (dell axim)
    i have tried all sorts of ways to import code eg from the manual using adobe
    acrobat reader 'copy' but cannot paste into sbp file but can paste into constants.txt
    then copy from that into the current project to alter and experiment
    i have just updated to 6.5 and not used the module facility yet but i thought
    ( and i have been known to be wrong !!) that the module was loaded whilst compileing/ running the project or have i missed something
    please forgive my ignorance and once again thank you

  6. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    The code files (.txt) work that way, but the modules do not...
    Modules can be looked as a seperate code file, that can be edited and accessed by our current project...

    For example....
    Erel had a a sample called "folder chooser" wich was a way to browse and chose a folder in oposition to a single file...And needed some tweaking to add to OUR projects...
    In 6.5, Erel has made a MODULE of his folder chooser, wich can be easely tapped into, using the PUBLIC subs made available in it, and using the Module Globals...

    One can look at a module as a series of BOT's that we use frequently, or just once...
    Then from our current project we add these bots, and tell them what we wish them to do, acording to their capabilities...
  7. bdiscount

    bdiscount Active Member Licensed User

    Clip Board

    I use the PCM keyboard it has a cut,copy paste on the return key that works from prog. to prog. It is a finger type system so is a little large but you can put what ever format u like. u can also put a menu on each key ie c = Control Cancel etc it is all programable. I use version .14 they have .18 in beta now but that is a different configuration which gets quite complicated.
    A search should bring up the address. PCMkeyboard
    There is also an editable dictionary. I have got a copy of a skin that allows 12 keys across.
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