Hi everyone, what's your sneaky plan?


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You know that BTInterface app that I made?

It allows you to control things over a bluetooth link... hence BT ... Interface :)

Well I used an Arduino as an example thing that could be controlled and now I have a brand new job and on my desk I have at least three Arduinos and a bunch of other stuff and I'm programming incredible devices and all really because of B4a.

Its touch and go... I have a long probation period that I have to get through before I can really say that I work there, they demand a lot so I have to do things like, stop drinking beer! Imagine that!

It's like a suicidal wave.

Ok, a sinusoidal wave.

Up one moment and down the next :)

Well, I'm into my second month there, Erel gave me a copy of B4a 4 bless him, because I'm so poor.

My sneaky plan is to save up enough for an iPhone and iPad then make stuff that controls microcontrollers on everyone's phones and tablets!


I'll let you know how it goes.

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nah :(

not yet :)

but if they introduce a mobile aspect I'll be the one who has the most to say about it I think :D


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Hi @IanMc

I'm taking my firsts steps in the hardware and micro controllers world with the IOIO board.
Since I figured out how to connect through Bluetooth and interface "real electronics" I starting to plan my "iHome" and even maybe an "iCaravan"!


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My plan is to take over the world Pinky...;)

First I must take down the evil Google autobot and stop them from their march to world domination!


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The best for you and your new job.

Hope this hint may help:
I have worked much with Atmel AVR, the chips in most Arduino. I like to use CodeVisionAVR C, it uploads using standard bootloader. The C is more efficient, so low level tasks are readily possible. Real-time programming becomes easy.

When I found B4A, I thought of it as the Code Vision for Android. While completely different, they are both great programming tools. Both are easy to use, allowing one to express creativity, without compiler problems.
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