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Drago Bratko

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Inside mobile device there is HID barcode scaner integrated.
I would like to read it's scanning. I know that I could put TextField and handle its TextChanged event.
But, what I would like to do is to read it from any part of activity (where I have tabstrip and multiple tabs) ... something like KeyPreview ... so I could catch it.
What I have found on forum is this : but it's for B4J.
Any ideas ?


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Thank you for your ansver. Yes, I will try to go that way ... or if not, I will put TextField.

Nah, working with AsyncStreams is a very good method to handle Bluetooth devices. You can use it for all kind of communications later. I did a small app which is connected to a B4J app using AsyncStreams via WiFi to access a database, too. Once you get used to it, you will love it.

I don't use the serializator, but the other parts of the example.
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