Android Question How do I check a button through a variable?

Mohamed Akbarally

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For example I have a buttons:
Private Button1 As Button
Private Button2 As Button
and I have a variable
Dim x as int = 1

How do I Msgbox button(x)?


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Hi Mohamed,
I did't fully understand your goal, but here you are with a couple of alternatives.

1. You could define an array of buttons and then access the one you are interested in by the variable X that behaves as the array index.
2. You could set the TAG property to a different value in each button (e.g. 1,2,3..) and then use the GetAllViewsRecursive function of the container view to search for the button you are interested in, comparing the x var to the value stored in each view (as button) Tag property.

Try experimenting a bit and you'll find the optimal solution for your problem.

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