Android Question How get (read) CTS and DSR state using felUsbSerial library?


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- For set (write) of RTS and DTR line of FTDI, CP2102 or CH340 type USB to

Serial dongle I found on the Forum and tested two working program sequence:

After declaring in

Sub Process_Globals

Private usbserial As felUsbSerial ' library ver.2.4 I can use

1 Solution: use sequence

Dim r As Reflector

r.Target = usbserial

r.RunMethod2("setRTS", True, "java.lang.boolean") ' or

r.RunMethod2("setDTR", False, "java.lang.boolean") ' work OK

(In forum example found also the line

r.Target = r.getField("driver") ' but this not need and produce errors


2 Solution: use

Dim jo as JavaObject = usbserial

jo.RunMethod("setRTS", Array(False)) ' state flag or

jo.RunMethode("setDTR", Array(True)) 'Work OK.

- For get (read) CTS and DSR maybe exist a simple similar solution, please

help me if You can. In this situation in library used a "Callback" named variable,

not boolean but I suppose, the returned value of this reflects the state of the

tested line (CTS or DTR).

- I see, the standard UsbSerial library is based on ( java project, but

the control line manipulation routine is not given and implemented in B4X version libraries.

Thank You in advance for any help.