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@thedesolatesoul the contract depended on the data and work involved. I was kind of forced to give a price beforehand but that was based on the minimum work involved. I turned up this morning at their office with my laptop to hand, showed one of their so called experts the task ahead and they all agreed to my variable terms. The original price was because they desperately needed a price but they did not have the database to hand. So I added in the contract (well it's actually called an agreement) that the final price depended on the viewed data once I had the database, there is an A to B price in the agreement. The best part is that if I can get the project completed before the end of March, I get a bonus on top of my developers fee :). This project will easily be completed by the end of next month (one month early) as I only need to utilise about 10 or so tables for cross referencing the data :cool:

Hey @imbault, did you you ever receive the test email from the test app at midnight from your customers device, you never told me?
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