iOS Question how to build the local Mac machine server?


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Use a local Mac machine
1. Install Java JDK (7 or 8):
2. Install Xcode 6.
3. Download and unzip the B4i-Builder.(please sample a image)
4. Open a terminal and navigate to B4i-Builder folder. (please sample a image)
5. Run it with: java -jar B4iBuildServer.jar(please sample a image)
6. Set the builder IP address in the IDE under Tools - Build Server - Server Settings(please sample a image)

who can post the screen shot


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I absolutely don't understand how to build this thing.
I loaded everything, went under terminal and typed the java -jar B4iBuildServer.jar
Got the result attached, and then .... WHAT ????? How do I load the IDE ??
Honestly why can't we have a precise procedure with screens for beginners that don't understand anything ?
I have been using with success B4A with the PC, what's happening with this Mac thing ?
Thanks for your help.



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You have successfully loaded the BuildServer (for compiling the apps locally) on your Mac.

The IDE is a windows application. You need to install the downloaded B4i setup on a Windows PC (or virtual machine on your Mac, however you are running B4a).
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