how to lock a program ?

Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by gjoisa, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. gjoisa

    gjoisa Active Member Licensed User

    Hi ,
    What are the locking methods of a program , before to distribute it ? One should not beam it to another or send by bluetooth and also not copy from PC also .:sign0085:
  2. MM2forever

    MM2forever Active Member Licensed User


    You wanna make it illegal-copy preventive like that?
    Thats impossible.
  3. gjoisa

    gjoisa Active Member Licensed User

    why not ? how can i distribute a program without locking ? Can any one help me ?
  4. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    Copy protection has been discussed here, but litle has been found....
    The most easy situation is to search the "deviceID", wich has been implemented from windows mobile 5.0...But it seems that this does not return an unique identifier...

    I still am looking for a safe way to copy protect any software I develop and distribute...

    i have thought of an interesting way of acompleshing it, but it seems to only be supported in the complete framework....

    I have to dig deeper...

    If you are interested in my work in progress, PM me, and we can then discuss the mather....

    Public discussing is a bit OFF because of the particulars, althought opinions and suggestions are always welcomed...
  5. Softselect

    Softselect Member Licensed User

    Here is VB code for detecting hard drive details that are unique on a desktop app, but I dont know how to get it to work on Basci4ppc

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  6. taximania

    taximania Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Just a thought.

    Unless your app is going to sell thousands of copies :cool:

    Send a unique user ID embedded in each distribution of your program.
    Maybe in an 'About' screen.

    Considering my previous run in with laywers, eg, Intelectual Copyright,
    any user would be silly to distribute it.
    (I hope the people who did have a copy of my %^&*.exe never do)
    But at least I'd know who did.
    That is, if the .exe code has not been hacked.

    Microsoft can't stop software piracy, why bother trying so hard.
    If a solution was available, we would be using it. Not asking for it :signOops:

    Email a copy of your soft to a friend, or (Erel), before you distribute it.
    That way, you are claiming copyright to your soft if it gets spread.

    Again, that is, if the .exe code has not been hacked.

    Just another thought 2:

    If I post my source.sbp for my banned app whilst pi$$%^ ??
    Do you think I'd get away with it :sign0095: hic, fart, burp, night folks :sign0188:
  7. Softselect

    Softselect Member Licensed User

    Hi Everyone
    I have managed to write a program that gets the hard disc number from the registry, this can then be used to generate a secret licence code (See Crypto library)
    This is only for a desktop application
    Thank you

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