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Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by albgreco, Aug 27, 2009.

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    I was wondering if and how is it possible to manage somehow the usb connection of PDA: after all, Active Sync is able to connect, read/write files using usb; what port / code should be used to do so by a PPC program? more, would it be possible not only to exchange files with PC but to read bytes sent by a USB device like a barcode scanner? (is it crazy? :) this latter would be the real aim I would like to achieve...!)

    Thank you

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    You can transfer files to and from PC and PPC by using the RAPI library and a Basic4ppc program running on the desktop. The RAPI library uses ActiveSync for the transfers. But there is no hope of easily doing anything else.

    PCs and laptops have "downstream" or host USB ports that connect to upstream ports on peripherals to control those peripherals.

    Most devices only have "upstream" USB hardware that is like those on printers and other peripherals. This USB hardware cannot control other peripherals.

    Some devices (like the iPAQ214) do have a host port but even here there is no standardised software interface to control them and as standard they can only connect to keyboards and disks.
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    Thank you, I understand. My PDA is an Asus MyPal 730 and it seems it has host USB capabilities (at least maybe using a special cable). If so, I suppose it should be working with a standard usb keyboard - but where to find the appropriate driver? are there are any libraries to use with Basic4ppc for decoding signals from the usb port when it acts as a host?
    and since a usb barcode scanner operates as a keyboard emulator, could it work the same?
  4. agraham

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    On my iPAQ214 USB host drivers for keyboard and disk drives are built in and according to the "Expansion" topic near the end here ASUS A730W VGA Pocket PC, PDA Reviews by Mobile Tech Review they are also built-in to the A730.

    No, and due to the difficulty of writing USB drivers and the lack of devices with host USB ports there probably will never be.

    Probably - you can only tell by trying.
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