Android Question How to realize XMODEM-1K with B4A


Has anyone done some codeing

for receiving files via bluetooth with "XMODEM-1K"-protocol?

I use a OBD hardware named FISCONTROL which collects data in logfiles.
This logs can be downloading using XModem.

I m at the moment not so experiencend in B4A but I think a little app can be realized with B4A?

Has anyone an idea?

Thanks for posts


Fair enough. Let's get this party started. šŸ„³

First thing is still to confirm which type of Bluetooth the OBD device is using. I thought I didn't have any Classic Bluetooth SPP devices, but then I remembered that the ELM327 OBD dongles are probably just serial ports, so after I found them and also the OBD port in the new (OBD-wise) car, I connected to it and then spoke with it using the Serial Bluetooth Terminal app. Unfortunately that app doesn't have XMODEM(-1K) so now I am searching for a terminal app that does both Bluetooth AND XModem.

In the meantime, if you want to try talking to your OBD device anyway, these are stages that I went through:

Settings, Bluetooth = list of available devices:

View attachment 97389

Pair with ELM327 OBDII dongle:

View attachment 97390

Paired, ready for use:

View attachment 97391

Start Serial Bluetooth Terminal app:

View attachment 97392

Choose serial port (here only one choice - the paired OBDII dongle):

View attachment 97393

Connected and looking good:

View attachment 97394

Type ATI (attention, identify) command:

View attachment 97395

and OBDII dongle responds with ELM327 and version:

View attachment 97396
i downloaded the app and using a iCar OBD - dongle this works like you described ..
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