Android Question how to upload apk with certificates


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 Upload failed
iam trying to upload a new apk but iam gettting this error below how can i add the certificates
You uploaded an APK that is not signed with the upload certificate. You must use the same certificate. The upload certificate has fingerprint:

[ SHA1: DD:2B:8F:AB:67:57:7C:E5:57:12:D9:88:1D:EB:A7:E7:6D:7B:8D:F5 ]

and the certificate used to sign the APK you uploaded have fingerprint:

[ SHA1: 7E:15:3C:EA:3B:AF:04:13:C7:01:3D:F7:75:B8:6D:C5:2C:B1:23:D6 ]


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are you using different pcs to create the apk?
They do have different signkeys, right?

Use the same signkey on both pcs.
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