Share My Creation Hyper-X Wide Spectrum Data Management Suite

Hyper-X manages a wide spectrum of data flow using the best business principals. Hyper-X is a CLOUD application that supports multiple users. It simulates a small village or campus to ease Navigation.

Down Load Full Working Demo from the Google PlayStore, search for: hyper-x
Or for the web site.

I tried to Upload the APK but it seems there is a 512K limit and Hyper-X is around 6 megs.

Hyper-X is the parent app that has several derivative apps: Appointments (calendar), Phone, Quick Reference, Budget and Data Life Management. All are fully written and I am waiting for a response to see what happens next.

I have worked many years developing the logic for Hyper-X and about 2 years with B4A - which is the ideal platform to develop Android Apps.


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