I don't understand how to use threads and VoiceRecognition


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This will be a stupid question for some who understand the thread principles but for an old woman, it's not that simple.

I have tried to use the SpeechRecognizer library and the VoiceRecognition from the Phone's library. My initial purpose was to create something like "Speech to text" to convert recordings (for example for students).
But what I have noticed (and surely not understood) was about the amount of data recorded and translated at the same time.

In fact, when the Speechrecognizer or the VoiceRecognition was grabbing data from the web, I lost some other data. And even if I launched more than one service one after the other, the second service won't record before the first had received the data returned by the web service.

So, I have tried to use the Threading library and to start each recording in a separated thread from the other. But with no more success.

What did I missed, please ? Thanks a lot

Peter Simpson

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Shouldn't this post be under questions and not Chit Chat?
If you can post code in zip file, we can have a look for you