B4J Question I noticed there is no accelerator character for labels


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In Delphi when creating Windows apps, I could put an ampersand in the label1 caption like "&Invoice#" and assign label1.FocusControl := edInvoiceNum. This would display on the form something like this:

Invoice#: 123_______

Notice the "I" is underlined because the "&" preceded it. When the program is running and the form has focus, when the user presses Alt-I (alt-Accelerator Character) the focus would jump directly to the control (view) assigned to the label's focuscontrol. In this case edInvoiceNum. This allows the user to automatically jump to a field (usually an edit field) for that accelerator key.

Is there a way to do this in B4J? I kind of miss it when there are a lot of edit views on a form and need to jump directly to a particular view.