I want to give Mobango kudos...


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Over the past three months I have been submitting my apps to several different app stores.

I just wanted to praise Mobango for their unparalleled support to the developer.

They have encountered issues with a few of my apps.
Their initial response was rather limited. They simply labeled them as "banned".

However, after emailing them with inquires they were quick to respond with specific issues and even screen shots. This helped me immensely and I was was able to quickly fix the problems they were having.

This is simply outstanding service. They clearly have the developer in mind and consider the developer as a priority in their business relationship.

This certainly sets Mobango apart from some of the competition (Google Play).

Their global reach may limited compared to Google Play, SlideME, or Opera.
I am getting a decent response from Mobango though.
In my opinion Mobango is definitely worth a try as an alternative to Google Play.


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I have published one apps to monbango thanks to you wazumbi...now waiting for a review and first installs .