Wish IDE 5.00 open all previously opened modules at start

Peter Simpson

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I've noticed that the new IDE does not open all the modules in a project when first opened. Basically with the old IDE 4.30, it would open all previously opened modules in the tabs at the top, but 5.00 does not do that. I have to go to modules on the right and open all the extra modules separately to the tabs at the top. Okay that's not the initial problem, the problem is that I then go out if the project and then back in again, only some of the modules will be open in tabs, I then have to go to the modules on the right hand side and open them again, this is a pain if you have lots of modules.

Wish: please make it so that the IDE will automatically open the exact same modules that was last open then the project was last edited (or just all of the modules full stop). IDE 4.30 opens all the modules that were on the tabs previously when last used.

UPDATE: it appears that the IDE stored the first 8 or so opened modules (tabs), after that the rest are not stored.

Thank you...
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I noticed the same issue recently.
I think it would be useful that the IDE could "remember" as many modules as necessary.