Bug? [IGNORE] StringUtils EncodeBase64 Fails


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I'm creating my own encription function, witch ends coding a bunch of bytes in Base64 format, so it can be sent to my NODE JS API REST.
The same encription function is build in NODE JS, so I can compare both results. The final Base64 is constructed with the encripted password, an array of n bytes, where n = length of string to encode + the representation of 1 byte encoded in Base64 witch represent the portion of the key that was aplied to this encription (witch I call HINT).
The Weir part is that an 8 character pass encripted and encoded in Base64 differs with the NODE JS algorithm in the final 4 chars (the base64 representation of Hint). Hint is a value from 0 to 7.
Dim su As StringUtils
Dim Base64Hint(1) As Byte
Dim selHint As Byte = 0

selHint = Rnd(0,7)
Base64Hint(0) = selHint
Log("hint:" & selHint & " , HintBase64:" & su.EncodeBase64(Base64Hint))
hint:4 , HintBase64:BA==

Allways working in UTF-8
I'be check those values in https://www.base64decode.org/ and the NODEJS values are rigth.


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My mistake, surelly is a char "0" ..."7" what is converted to Base64 in NODE JS, it works character based and not byte based as B4X.
line 6 should be
Base64Hint(0) = asc(selHint)