B4R Library ILI9488 tft Library

it is wrapper for ILI9488 tft from: https://github.com/jaretburkett/ILI9488

original library is based on Adafruit_GFX_Library
this library can work with external fonts or not . Fonts are added in B4R project, in inline C

Fonts added must be in directory: Arduino/libraries/Adafruit_GFX_Library/Fonts

example of Fonts declaration in inline C for 7 fonts:
#if C
  #include <Fonts/FreeMono9pt7b.h>
  #include <Fonts/FreeSans9pt7b.h>
  #include <Fonts/FreeSerif9pt7b.h>
  #include <Fonts/FreeMonoBold9pt7b.h>
  #include <Fonts/FreeMonoBoldOblique9pt7b.h>
  #include <Fonts/FreeMonoOblique9pt7b.h>
  #include <Fonts/FreeSansBold9pt7b.h>

  const GFXfont * B4R::B4RILI9488::myfonts[7]= { 
      &FreeMono9pt7b,                 // => setfont(00)
      &FreeSans9pt7b,                 // => setfont(01)
      &FreeSerif9pt7b,                // => setfont(02)
      &FreeMonoBold9pt7b,             // => setfont(03)
      &FreeMonoBoldOblique9pt7b,      // => setfont(04)
      &FreeMonoOblique9pt7b,          // => setfont(05)
      &FreeSansBold9pt7b              // => setfont(06)
#End If
after in B4R code, management of fonts is done by
 setfont( fontNB)


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