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Hi all
I made this app for freelance on Brazil
This app is en English, but u can use for all languages

its easy to use, open app, select camera or galery, select expire time = Never/24 Hours
and done app make a link for u, u can share the link later upload is done


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Tested your app on Motorola Defy+ android 2.3.6 I have done a picture transfer from camera to my email address and it works
the text <resoluca> does not fit on button width
Problem is that your app replace somehow the native share button generally found on any camera and it would be very hard to get users sympathy especially when it runs the way your ads is displaying corectly

I will make short parenthesis ... there is a widget on market that enables data connection ..this widget is looked for because some devices failed to have such option like mine described above ...
turn on wifi ...will not have the same success as data on data off

Good luck