Android Question Important but Strange Layout Question


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OK, I've got two layouts as variants. The standard phone and the portrait phone. They both work well with Auto-Scale on most devices.

However, on the first screen, I have a webviewer at the top, that displays an animated gif. The gif, of course, doesn't get resized automatically cause it's running in a web page.

I've got it loading the right animations for the different sizes, but....

The Webviewer has to be taller in the 7" and 10" tablets. And the position of other buttons below it are based upon the bottom of that webviewer. The webviewer is getting resized, I believe with auto-scale, but it's just not tall enough to hold the entire animated gif heightwise.

Without creating 100 variants, is it possible to resize that webviewer and still have all of the buttons respond to it's height when being drawn?

Nevermind... I figured it out a different way.. thanks!
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