Android Question In App Purchase Issue - Always Showing Test Credit Card, Even with Published App

Randy Younger

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For some reason, I can't seem to buy my own subscriptions/consumables with a live published app. It always shows test card, and never a real credit card. Is this normal behavior? How am I supposed to know that a real customer is getting what they paid for if I can't run through the same process? Also, I need to validate that a subscription is active. How can I test this if I can only see my purchases as test orders?


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When you use your Google account (developer account) then it will show as being a 'test card' since you can't purchase from yourself. In Google Play you can also add 'testers' so they too have 'Test Cards' and won't be charged. I think from memory you can add 100. However your developer account will always be a 'Test Card'.

Easy way for testing is (if you want to use a real card), remove your developer account from your phone and then create a new Google account and assign your credit card to it and then it won't come up saying 'Test Card'.

But using the Test card is pretty much the same thing and if you use your developer account you can select different conditions (such as decline transaction etc) and you won't be physically charged.
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