Incorporating key functions in existing DLL libraries to main core


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Hi Erel,
There are a couple of good DLL libraries with functions that perhaps should be in the main core player. One of them is the functions in the hardware.dll and crypt dll..

My reason is if hardware dll is intentionally rename or removed by unauthorized means.. a program that uses them will resulted in error. But when these are internal functions.. then there is no need to load the DLL.

Keeping the main core EXE small and optimised is important. Certain libraries say like FTP can be external as it's not required in every program. Each DLL uses extra space becos of it's wrapper, etc.. where the actual code could be as small as a few bytes..



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Core dll

I agree. Candidates for this could be the Formlib.dll and Hardware.dll (as suggested byWZSun), and perhaps the Scrollbar.dll.

All the best and already looking forward to version 5 :D


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I agree that some of the dll are suited to be in-core..