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Is there any way to locate a device in indoor environment? can Estimote do that? if so, is there any example or tutorial for Estimote?


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can Estimote do that?
Theoretically, yes if you are using Estimote LocationBeacons AND you have setup them correctly in a Room. This step must be done with an iOS Device running their Locationsetup app.

A Estimote Location can only be used in a Room with 4 Beacons (at least) to calculate the exact position of your Device in this room.

Sidenote: This does not work in a Subway as you do not have access to your Beacons. It only works with your own Beacons bound to your Account.

if so, is there any example or tutorial for Estimote?
No. I started doing a wrap for the Beacons and could get them basically working. But as i do not have a iOS Device i was not able to setup a Location with my Beacons. So i stuck here and stopped Development.
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