iOS Tutorial Install Release ipa to your device with Appandora


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For those of us who have a windows pc and however want to do ad-hoc distribution of our apps for testing, I have just found this shortcut to have a release ipa installed. I have just installed it and ran it on my device and didnt use iTunes Connect or iTunes.

1. You need to have iTunes installed in your windows pc.
2. Download and install Appandora from here
3. Ensure your iTunes is not running, start Appandora
4. Click Apps
5. On its toolbar, click Install and choose your ipa from the folder you saved it in. This should install it on your device.

This for me has worked without fail, however as much as this looks like a reputable software app, use at your own risk. Let me find out where my splash screen is..;)


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Do I need to add Device ID into Certificate file?


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I think we can install release ipa via Appandora without publishing to Appstore. If it's true, it will be very good news because Apple doesn't accept some kind of apps. I will test and confirm later.


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An update on the above:

I tested the above: installed the program and upgraded to the paid version.
Unfortunately, this is not longer working.

I contacted support and received the following answer:

Dear support email <>,

Sincerely sorry for any inconvenience. Since effected by iTunes bugs regarding to Apps backup and restoring on iOS 9 and above version, Syncios currently is unable to backup, restore, transfer Apps. Once those bugs was fixed, Syncios would run well as it always does.

Thank you for your understanding.

Any other problems, please contact us.