Introducing BASE - New SDK from Widdit


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Hi guys,

We're thrilled to announce the newest solution from Widdit – BASE SDK!

BASE SDK offers a massive increase in retention and engagement levels for apps that sends out push notifications, alongside revolutionary monetization solution for all developers.

BASE SDK allows developers to send out super targeted notifications directly to the black screen of the device, avoiding the cluttered generic notifications tray. BASE unique UI puts your messages under the spotlights, overriding what everybody else has got to say.

BASE also delivers highly targeted sponsored content (similar to HomeBase) that offers a new, super lucrative revenue channel to all developers.

BASE benefits:

· Targeted messages per age/gender/demographics

· Notifications are send to the black screen of the device

· Additional monetization channel

· Real life event triggered notifications

· No need for additional coding

Check out BASE notifications APK in Google Play, or contact me directly for additional information.

BASE SDK is now offered to all developers, and as a special welcome promotion, Widdit is offering a $100 sign up bonus! learn more or Sign up now to claim your bonus.

Happy integrating!