Android Question IP camera streaming seem lagging

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Izmirov.Yaminovich, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Izmirov.Yaminovich

    Izmirov.Yaminovich Member Licensed User

    Good day to all of you.

    I have questions to ask.I have succesfully develop the app that can stream the ip camera. I'm using video view example that have been posted in this community. My question is:

    1. Why after I open the app and let it stream for about 2 minutes and above, it show the sign of lagging,(what I mean with this lagging it's like when you put your finger in front of the camera, it'll only show after 3 or 4 second,(Scary experience)) like it have many queue data to processed? But when I open through the legendary IE browser, it don't show any sign of slow video or lagging

    2. How to prevent this thing,is it by clear the memory cache? Or do we have any alternative?
  2. Izmirov.Yaminovich

    Izmirov.Yaminovich Member Licensed User

    Good day to all of you. Is this the right way to clear the cache? Because I have set it the timer to be like this (timer1.Initialize("timer1",60000)) and it gave me an error every 2 minutes

    Sub tglbtn_ipcamera_CheckedChange(Checked As Boolean)
    If tglbtn_ipcamera.Checked = True Then

    End If
    End Sub

    Sub timer1_tick


    End Sub
  3. Izmirov.Yaminovich

    Izmirov.Yaminovich Member Licensed User

    Okey solved it. Just use timer to stop, load it and play it back...
  4. ciprian

    ciprian Active Member Licensed User

    Hi there, do you have a working exemple please?
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