Android Question Is it possible to set the selected item in a spinner

Colin Evans

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Hi, whilst I use the spinner selection to navigate and retrieve data from my sql lite database, I have a search facility which works in retrieving the data but I need to set the Spinner.selecteditem to the Item searched on, is this possible?

All Items in the Spinner are text, i.e.

so if I search for something out of the database with Item27 and it returns the data I need to set the spinner.SelectedItem to Item27 as the rest of my code, the buttons on screen work off the spinner.SelectedItem,

many thanks

Colin Evans

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Hi Mark, don't think that's possible as I wouldn't know the index number as SelectedIndex uses an integr I believe, unless you know otherwise


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If I understood correctly, something like this (untested) should work
Public selectExistingItemInSpinner( mySpinner as Spinner, itemToSearch as String, addToSPinnerItemsIfNotPresent as Boolean )
   For k=0 to mySpinner.size-1
      If mySpinner.GetItem(k) = itemToSearch Then
         mySpinner.SelectedIndex = k
      End if
      ' If you want to add this item to the spinner in case it doesn't already exist
      If addToSpinnerItemsIfNotPresent=True Then
         mySpinner.selectedIndex = mySPinner.size-1
      End if
End Sub