Android Question Is there a life guard on duty? I am drowning in the soundpool!


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I have been trying to get some basic sound effects into my app. not trying to do anything fancy just some feedback sounds for the UI. I have used it once previously and had no issues at all.This time though i am getting
AUDIO_OUTPUT_FLAG_FAST denied by client; transfer 4, track 44100 Hz, output 48000 Hz
using essentially the same code as i did last time but with different sound files. I have tried switching the wav files out for ogg with no improvement. basically I'd like to know if this is an issue with the device i am developing on or if it can be resolved by re-encoding the files to another bit rate or sample size.I can post my code if needed. I would also like to say thank you to all those in this community who browse this forum looking to help people like me that are new to this. Your time and patience are greatly appreciated.


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The error message implies that there may be a mismatch between the file configuration and the hardware capability, although I would expect all devices to support 44100Hz files.

Can you check the sample rate of the files you are playing?
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