Is there Library for using ReflectionPlus?


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Hi all,
Now I 'm talking about ReflectionPlus Utility (alike B4A object Browser) for help anyone who has never learned java programing.
Is there way to help for management for using reflection lib for B4A developler who isn't expert in the Google's Android APIs. The example which you are not the expert man,I think couldn't do this in post#1 . i.e.
'For Using Set Opacity -ใช้สำหรับ การตั้งค่าความทึบ
Sub SetOpacity(alpha As float, aView As View) 
    Dim aReflector As Reflector 
    aReflector.Target = aView 
    aReflector.RunMethod2("setAlpha", alpha, "java.lang.float") 
End Sub 

'For using Set Focus -ใช้สำหรับ การโฟกัสเคอร์เซอร์
Sub SetFocus(alpha As boolean, aView As View) 
    Dim obj1 As Reflector
    obj1.Target = aView
    obj1.RunMethod2("setFocusable", alpha, "java.lang.boolean")
End Sub 

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