It's good to be back.

I published my first app using B4A in 2017. It was a vehicle tracking and security app that worked with a device you can get on amazon. It uses SMS to communicate with the car and covers ACC, DOOR, MOVEMENT etc alarms. Unfortunately, Google eventually pulled it when they no longer allowed apps to interface with text messages. However the publishing was a very proud moment of mine. I used three vacation periods to complete the app and it took over a year. I have consistently followed B4A on twitter and was elated when they went free, I think it will open the platform up to more developers.

I have done mostly web apps for work since 2017, but its good to be back here for the next two ideas I have. I have more time on my hands (I've moved closer to work, previously it was a two to three hours drive on a good day) So, I just want to say, its good to be back. And I look forward to you all answering my stupid questions when they arise. Thanks.