It's time to look at Material Design and continuity

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Yes it's about time I looked seriously at Material Design and continuity when it comes to my future apps look and feel.

I'm going to look around on the B4A community for hints and tips that I can utilise and I'm also going to watch a good few videos and make notes of the best practices before I start working on the general templates I will use for my future apps, yes this mean Material Design. I found that when developing for Windows, I always started with one of my many templates, thus everything would flow easier and I had continuity with my programs looks and feel. I believe that one reason why my Windows programs are used world wide with thousands of copies sold so businesses.

Up until a few days ago, I had never had any continuity when it came down to the look and feel of my Android apps :(. I developed my apps on the fly as I felt and the basic look and feel from one app to another was never the same(they should have been and are now), I've never liked that. The problem was that I would develop an app for myself having no intention on uploading my app to the Play Store, then my better half would says 'that could be useful to other users, put it on the Play Store and see what happens', she is always correct. My better half is my long time partner Joanne xxx :D, she talks and I listen :) she's correct. The fact is that I start of by developing just for myself, so as long as it work on my Nexus devices and it worked, the look and feel did not matter to me. It's only when I put it on the Play Store I then think to myself, I should have made that look better(as in the settings screens).

So now lets get back to the matter at hand:
I need to learn about Material Design now as I refuse to make my previous mistakes again. So I'm going to learn the best practices for material design, hopefully I'll spend a few days making some fully working templates like I have now, for example my menus, sliders, tab layouts etc, then hopefully whatever I design in the future will have some sort of continuity to it in all my apps. Anything can then be added to my basic layout as and when I need it. I just want continuity and a nice look and feel that flows nicely.

P.S. I'm dreading testing on Samsung devices :eek:

So I might as well thank everybody now for helping me with my questions that I might post in the next few weeks. But then again I might not post any questions, but I bet that I do. I will however be posting a question about recording videos and saving MP4 format with OSD, but that's for another day...
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