B4J Library jAPNS - Send iOS Push Notifications

Name: jAPNS


Description: jAPNS allows you to access Apple's Token-based Http/2 APNS API in order to send iOS Push Notifications

  • B4J v7+ and OpenJDK 11 are required
  • for detailed information concerning properties and response errors have a look at Apple's documentation: https://developer.apple.com/library...ptual/RemoteNotificationsPG/APNSOverview.html
  • The B4X push server & Firebase are working with the (older, but maintained) certificate based solution, however for beginner it's still recommended to use Firebase
  • the APNS topic must correspond to your bundle id
  • with the new API you will get a direct server response, therefore a request to a "Feedback server" is not needed
  • you can use one APNS key for all of your Apps

Feel free to ask questions ;)


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