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A simple audio mixer based on WavRandomAccessFile from the jAudioTrack2 library. This is a stripped down version of the jAudioTrack2-Mixer Full. Most of the comments relating to the full mixer still apply, so read that post.

There is no Gui for the mixer and does not use any callbacks from the SimpleMixer class. It only mixes on the Gui thread, no Threaded option, although it would be simple enough to implement if you wanted to.


Try it out
To play tracks in the demo app, press the open folder button and select a folder of Wav files which should be 44100hz sample rate 16bit stereo files..
There are two folders with tracks available on my google drive for you to try it out. one with 3 Tracks (my creation) and one with 15 which was downloaded from Then Mixing Secrets and converted with the FFMpegconvert utility (available in the jAudioTrack2-Mixer Full post) . Download either or both, unzip them and open the folder. These folders are too large to include within the app so unfortunately you will have to download them separately.

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