B4J Question Java app on multi-processor Linux server


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Hi, All

Who knows about the real "iron" servers with several our B4J apps at the same time ? Non-virtual, but just own local server, say, 2-processor motherboard up to 24 cores \ 48 threads, up to 1...2 TB RAM...

If we have an IP-camera that each works OK with its separate Java-app instance on a dedicated Linux PC - it's OK, tested, works.

But if it's needed to have 6 IP-cameras with 6 instances of the Java-app, but ... to try to use them on a single "iron" server...

1) ... is it fast enough comparing to 6 dedicated small nettop PCs ?
2) ... does Linux Ubuntu server OS set each Java-app instance running on a dedicated processor core ?
3) ... single LAN channel for 6 FullHD 25 FPS cameras into the single server... is it enough fast ? 100 Mbps i mean

Maybe anyone tried such ?