Javascript Question !


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I use WebBrowser.dll Library, and it work COOL.

web.DocumentText = HtmStr, where
HtmStr = HtmStr &"html code goes here"& crlf
HtmStr = HtmStr &"</body></html>"& crlf

So in original HTML file I load javascript external codes like:
<script type="text/JavaScript" src="scripts/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js"></script>
(Sure, every " (&quot;) in all HTML document I change with "&Chr(34)&", because of Basic4PPC code), and RED TEXT IS LIKE:
src='File://"& AppPath &"scripts\tiny_mce\tiny_mce.js' - becouse of load into App.

Around <head> tag I use javascript like this:
(this is original HTML code)
<script type="text/javascript">
// General options
mode : "exact",
elements : "elm2",
plugins : "safari,pagebreak, ..... ..... .....

Now, when I try to create HTML page using web.DocumentText = HtmStr,
there alert me with Error - tinyMCE is undefined (Javascript Code).

I know One reason, about Error type, The application cannot load tiny_mce.js file because of path, BUT when I try with this:

src='File://"& AppPath &"\scripts\tiny_mce\tiny_mce.js'

The alert give me error like, INVALID CHARACTER.

So How to change this \ (slash), for I can load my tiny_mce.js script into HTML web.DocumentText.

Any Idea..? :sign0085:


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Does your HTML code, including JavaScript, run when started directly in the Pocket IE? If it doesn't, then WebBrowser.dll can't handle it either.


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No, No,

I create application for desktop, and I use this scripts for newsletter.

But I resolve problem , changing the Newsletter.html into Newsletter.asp,
and I overfull all emails into Request.QueryString :) from SQLite database, from my application.

So Now when I load Newsletter.asp, it's actually
Newsletter.asp?qwe@qwe.qwe; asd@asd.asd, zxc@zxc.zxc etc.... And this data
automatically send QuerryString to my online server, from where I send newsletter to all in my database. ;)

Thanks for help anyway :sign0188: