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Hi all,

Here is my latest App : download it here PowerPointMouse_icon256.png

With "PowerPoint Mouse Controller" you get a fully functional mouse to control your PC and a remote control for your PowerPoint presentations. Absolutely no limitation in this app !

Mouse behavior :
- a normal “touchpad” plus the three classical mouse buttons
- Click, double click, middle button and even left drag and drop (long click) work.
- Long click on right button to use the text edit function to enter/send text to the PC

PowerPoint behavior :
- open a powerpoint document (on the PC or with the remote mouse).
- Long press on the middle button of the remote mouse and the slideshow starts. Long press again to stop it.
- change slides with buttons or +- volume switch or swipe on the touchpad
- you can see the slides in real time on the smartphone
- you can see the notes of each slide
- if you long press the right button then you can select “swipe mode”, “pointer mode” or “pen mode”
- with “pointer mode” the mouse pointer is active and you can use it to select any hyperlink into the slideshow
- with “pen mode” you simply can annotate your slideshow
- in "Swipe mode"
- swipe up/down : switch between ; Slide only, Slide + Notes, Notes only
- right border : increase/decrease the text font of the notes
- you can jump on any slide you want

How to connect :

Both the PC and the Android device must be on the same wifi network (or connected via bluetooth).
It can be one of these three configurations :
- A local network on which both the PC and the Android are connected
- The Android acting as a wifi hotspot on which the PC connects
- The PC acting as a wifi hotspot on which the Android connects

In any case the firewall must allow the application flux. If not, it won’t work !

The connection is fully automatic (no IP address to write). Launch the PC App first, then launch the Android App and, provided the firewall is OK, the connection immediately starts.

If not, try to push the “Try Ping connection” button on the PC app. It launches a Ping scan and may find your phone automatically.
Finally in case of strong security, you can connect manually

Where is the PC executable :

The PowerPointMouse_PCserver.exe file is directly embedded into the Android App. If you press the menu button then a mail (or google drive sending) will be proposed to you containing the .exe for the PC server.
No installation is needed. It is as simple as detaching the file, dropping it on your hard drive and double clicking to lauch it.
This exe has been tested on XP32bits, seven 32bits, seven 64bits and eight 64 bits

If you do not receive the mail (because blocked by security policies), then the .exe is also copied into the App default directory : android/data/fr.julienGley/PowerPointMouse

If the .exe doesn't work (missing dll) then the setup is also included

future plans :
- any other suggestion ?

[edit] V1.1 : Added a Gyroscope "laser pointer" during slideshow
[edit] V1.5 : Android is now "server", PC is "client"
[edit] V1.9 : Bluetooth connection
[edit] V1.11 : Keyboard emulation added when in mouse mode
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V1.9 fully redesign the Socket connection (android is now server, PC is client)

Added also bluetooth connection


so now to connect :
1) launch PC exe and do nothing. Launch Android app and it should connect automatically
2) if not : click once more on the grey mouse...
3) if not , try a Ping connection
4) if not try a manual connection (input port and IP address to connect)
5) if not... try bluetooth

6) if not... uninstall the App

Thank you Erel for your precious advices


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where I can find your app?


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My app has been suspended following a claim from Microsoft's lawyers... I was using a portion of a powerpoint's icon :)

I will have to change this icon and republish the app.
Send me a private mail and I will send you the apk. I don't want troubles with neither Microsoft nor Google if I republish the app...

here details :
This is a notification that your application, JG PowerPoint Mouse Controller, with package ID, has been removed from the Google Play Store.

REASON FOR REMOVAL: Alleged trademark infringement.

Google has been notified that aspects of your application, JG PowerPoint Mouse Controller, allegedly infringe upon the trademarks of others, and it has been removed from the Google Play Store due to a violation of the Content Policy.

Text Copy of Infringement Notice:

your_title: Trademark Paralegal
companyname: Microsoft Corporation
address: One Microsoft Corporation
Redmond, WA 98052
country_residence: US
file_upload: There was a file uploaded for this field.
upload_original_filename: PowerPoint Launch Icon 2010 Report.xls

We are living in a wonderfull world !