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JukeDroid is a music and audiobook player, designed to suit typical casual listening needs. It's based on how people typically listen to music (a large music collection, playlists and often random playback), with streamlined features for this scenario.


* Primarily intended to be used on a device permanently attached to speakers/stereo. Do you have old Android devices and could use a music player for the kitchen or bedroom? Well, put that old device to good use!

* Works equally well as an ordinary player.

* Has an advanced random algoritm, which guarantees that you will not hear the same track several times in row. The randomness is also weighted, so recently played songs are much less likely, to make sure that the time between repeats is long. When a song has played, you'll not have to hear it again for quite a while.

* Support for saving and loading playlists.

* When adding songs to the playlist, they can be be added as "play once" or as "keep in list". So, if you only want to hear a song once, just tick "Add once" and it will be removed from the list once played.

* It automatically bookmarks when you leave, so you will always, immediately and automatically, pick up exactly where you left off. This is essential for audiobooks.

* Has a nice, jukebox neon inspired interface, yet still discreet enough to not light up the room.

* Supports all media formats which Android supports.

* Works nicely on all device sizes, from phones to large tablets or TVs.

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