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This application is a collection of educational, intellectual and fun games that have been designed in a way to both attract and entertain children and also educate them.
The application’s home page has a very fun and joyful layout and children can interact with all of its different elements. By choosing any of the many varied sections of the game, children enter one of numerous mini games; and upon completion they are awarded golden tickets. In order for the children to be motivated and continue playing and learning, they can redeem their golden tickets for different toys and decorate their shelves within the game.
An important fact about the Kiddos kindergarten is that it is the first game of its kind that offers all of its educational content in 3 different languages including Persian, English and Armenian; so after mastering the application’s content in one language; children can switch to another language and continue to learn even more!




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Super cool.

What is the business model for an App like that?
The main source of revenue for this game is AdMob (banner and interstitial), and an in-app purchase for removing ads.


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Hi Ohanian,

It looks very good and attractive for children.

Is it done entirely in B4A ?
Using XUI2D, I suppose ?




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Excellent :D