Share My Creation Know It Ball (magic 8 ball)

A simple fun little app that is based on the magic 8 ball idea. Press down on the ball (or stroke your finger across it) while thinking of a question and the ball will give you an answer to it :)

Has traditional 8 ball replies and also some newer replies, and for those who want it as more than just a simple game there are the fortune replies.

These are based on the idea that numbers can predict your future so you simply think of a situation or just your general future and press on the magic ball and it gets the number and replies with a forecast of your immediate future. If you give weight to numerology that is, I don't but it is based on the works of numerology experts so if that's your cup of tea it could be handy.

You can crash the app if you repeatedly touch the edge of the ball,I can't program that out so I took the ability to click quickly on the centre of the ball out to avoid this becoming a common problem.

The graphic is a simple transparent png moved by the app to simulate movement, it's a simple but fun little app :)



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