Lack of Ad Network libraries is killing


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I have been a B4A user for almost 2 years now and I am very satisfied with it. Java was tough for me but B4A made Android programming really simple even for the common man. Everything works great.

It is no secret that monetization of apps is not easy on Android. A small number of users are willing to pay for the apps while the vast majority wants it for free. This is where advertising networks work, as the cost of the app is paid for by the advertiser and not the user. Therefore it is important that we developers have access to ad networks to monetise our apps.

Until recently I used Admob in all my apps. There were 2 reasons - 1) Admob is owned by Google and is the biggest mobile ad network 2) There is an Admob library for B4A, maintained by Erel. When I noticed that one of my apps' earnings came down every day, I considered the possibility of trying another network.

I read about Applovin and its B4A plugin created by ssg and gave it a try. To my surprise my earnings almost quadrupled over night and is doing ok right now. That was when I realised Admob does not work well for all types of apps.

Presently I am working on my first tablet only app and I thought since they have big displays, the ads can also bigger and interactive, which is not always possible on small phones. I searched and found some ad networks which offer their SDK for Android. And this is where I ran into trouble.

As we know these SDKs do not work directly on B4A - a wrapper library needs to be done. I wanted to try Tapit, InMobi and Leadbolt networks but their wrapper libraries either don't have all the features they offer or don't work at all. ssg has done a great job is bringing many ad networks to B4A. But we can't expect him to maintain all libraries up to date (particularly the ones he doesn't use in his apps) as he must be busy with his own projects. We can't expect Erel to do that either has he needs to work on B4A itself.

Therefore I request the other library developers to kindly focus your attention on ad networks. If you can develop and maintain these ad libraries, I am willing to pay for it, provided your pricing is affordable (let us say under $10 for each).

Here are some resources on Android ad networks

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I used Applovin, InMobi, Senddroid, AirPush, LeadBolts, AppBrain, SellARing and sometimes AdMob in my apps. The best solution is combination of all ad networks. My scenario is:
- Applovin/InMobi/AdMob for banner. (Applovin is the best).
- Senddroid and AirPush for notification ads (LeadBolts is not good for my country).
- AppBrain and AirPush's SmartAd for "More free games" button when users exit.
- SellARing for "out side" app ad (but I think SellARing is scam so forget it).

All the wrappers you can find on this forum thanks to Bill (Ssg). But you need to be careful with notification ads. The users always hate it.

I agree that Erel should create "a team" to focus on making ad network's wrapper. That will be a great encouragement for developers to make more apps.
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