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I am at a loss. I did a layout using a 1280 x 800 tablet. It worked fine using 1280 x 800 scale = 1.

Now, evidently there is something called screen size (added at version 7?)

Depending on the setting for screen size GetDeviceLayoutValues reports the following.

1 - 759x1280 scale .85000 size 10.94200
2 - 752x1280 scale 1 size 9.278
3 - 746x1280 scale 1.125 size 8.23069
4 - 740x1280 scale 1.25 size 7.392

Depending on the screen size.

The layout is extremely complex with 106 different views. I am only making it work with
1280x800 and

The tablet I used for dev was ver 6. I bought a new ver 7 tablet which is giving me the settings shown above when I change to the four different display sizes.

The problem is a client bought a 1280 x 800 tablet and it appears to display like the settings in 4 above. Which, essentially makes several of the critical views useless. It is Ver 6 and doesn't have the Disply Size option.

I am frustrated and confused. I have the power to spec to the customers what we support and we have told them 1280x800 or 1920x1200, but evidently that doesn't mean anything if the vendor is scaling the tablet to something else with no ability to change it. At this point I don't even know what to tell our customers to buy short of specifying a particular tablet.

I am not sure if I am asking a question here or just venting my frustration. Perhaps someone can explain to me how all of this layout stuff is supposed to work. I have read the tutorials and just don't get it.

Here is the layout using 'Setting 2' above (the default). All is good. Options, actual dims etc. in the upper left display correctly (white box displays a picture).


Here it is using setting 4.
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Peter Simpson

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Rule 1, always and I mean always tell your clients what devices to buy, send them Amazon or ebay links, that's what I do, 1280 x 800 minimum as you're developing using that.

I'm presuming that you are doing a mix of anchors and script for the layout?
You may need to check the version or layout values and change the font size to suite once the layout has loaded, but that will be a right pain to do.
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