Android Question Leadbolt 6.5?


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I have the problem that when I einbinde the LeadBolt SDK, the app closes automatically when you start again, so do not respond. Could it be because because I still have B4A 3:50?



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No. .. in the leadbolt sdk you have several folders. One is b4a. Inside you have a few files, .jar and .xml
you need to pair them... in the root folder of your sdk you have a fîle with an uncommon name... it should pair up with one of the files in your b4a sdk folder... also one file in the fire something folder must be tried to pair the one in the b4a sdk folder.
if I recall correctly you should end up with 8 files, being 4 matching pairs of .jar and .xml files


From my SDK B4a folder, I have the following files:
LeadBoltB4A.jar pairs up with LeadBoltB4A.xml
AppFireWorksB4A.jar pairs up with AppFireWorksB4A.xml

AppFireworks.xml pair with file in SDK Fireworks\AppFireworks.jar

qvwcjudomkmm.xml with file in SDK ROOT folder qvwcjudomkmm.jar (the file name may differ from yours as this is App linked by LeadBolt)
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