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For some time I have been thinking that I would like an Android device with a precision pen for inking and a keyboard. I considered getting a ChromeBook for use as a laptop that can run Android programs - but that would be the only use I would have for it and I don't know how good the Android run-time on Chrome OS is. I was also considering an Android tablet with a proper pen, most likely a Samsung, to use with a Bluetooth keyboard but even second hand they are pricey as for my usage I need an Android device to have at least 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM with an SD Card slot for expansion

Then I found the Lenovo Yoga book which I didn't know about before.


This seems to have been a failure in the market and now, at least here in the UK, appears to be being shifted at low prices to clear stock. Originally they cost £450 here in the UK but even direct from Lonovo they are now available new from £300. I've just bought one in as new condition in original packaging on Ebay for £200 and if you like the look of this device that is a bargain price for a device with a normal touch screen attached to a precision Wacom digitiser and pen, 4GB of RAM, 64GB ROM, SD Card slot and importantly for me - built-in GPS. It runs Android 7.1.1 with no further prospect of upgrade but I am OK with that.

One of my use cases for this is to play with my on device BasicIDE development app to write programs on the device, which is much more convenient to do with a separate keyboard even if it doesn't have 'real' keys.

There many reviews of the Yoga Book on that InterWebby thing if you were interested in one.