LF: 3 column customlistview from database

Discussion in 'Job Offers' started by Tasyo28, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. Tasyo28

    Tasyo28 Member Licensed User


    Anyone can create me a sample B4a file 1 to 3 column imageview from database blob field (like the image below)


    - data should load faster
    - use xcustomlistview
    - data are in json encode output need to parse them
    - customlistview can be set by 1 column or 3 columns
    - all images are in blob field database, need to convert them to bitmap
    - imageview images be download in background same concept in this link (https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/imagedownloader-the-simple-way-to-download-images.30875/) for customlistview to show immediately to user without waiting.
    - use OkHttpUtils2 for jobdone
    - use xcustomlistview VisibleRangeChanged
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