Android Question Libgdx Freezes without error

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Panagitois Lazos, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Panagitois Lazos

    Panagitois Lazos Member Licensed User

    Hi to all,
    im trying to create a side space shooter using libgdx and box2d ,but i run to a problem that i m not able to solve,
    while i play the game the game freezes without any error message nor to my device or to b4a.
    this thing happens not always , but often.
    i beleive that it has to do with my contact managment and the lists i use to manage all these.
    Maybe the contact events ,witch deletes objects from list ,
    happens at the same time new objects are added to list or while they are beeing rendered ,
    even though i do check my list size every time i delete an object.
    So did anyone else had the same problem and found a workaround ?
    Thanks everyone! ask me if you want to make anything more clear
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