Wish Lines on IF,ELSE and case like Notepad++

Douglas Farias

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Hi all
i really like to see on b4a the lines like notepad++
Like this.

the like its black normal, when i click on if this like is red and show where finish my if else {}
this is a good option to organizate the code.

for example here

its hard sometimes to understand.

this is my wish, this is a good option to add on b4a,b4j and b4i if already not exist and i dont know :)

Thx (ps: its only a sugestion)


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Until this is implemented, you can get a similar effect by placing your cursor on an "If", an "Else" or an "End If". The other corresponding parts will be highlighted, making the structure easy to see. This also works for Sub/End Sub and loops and parentheses.