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I've done moving the filled ListView (ULV) on a panel up and down by the finger with help of Gesture Detector (it's for such vertical interface):

Sub ulv_onScroll(distanceX As Float, distanceY As Float, MotionEvent1 As Object, MotionEvent2 As Object)
    Dim UpDirection As Boolean
    If distanceY > 0 Then
        UpDirection = False
        UpDirection = True
    End If
    If PrevDirection = UpDirection And Abs(distanceY) < 30 Then
        pnl.Top = pnl.Top - distanceY*3
    End If

And ListView's items can get ItemClick events OK, ....but only if to move the ListView up.
When i move it down - ItemClick events stop to work, ListView's items are not accessible until ListView re-creation.
Why such strange behavior ?

UPD: added the project sample with simple ListView (not UltimateListView) - here no ItemClick events at all :( up or down...


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