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    Here is the case:

    I want to make a logbook, into which I would enter following data:

    Date, Order number, Aircraft reg., Check in time,
    (Take off time, Take off airport, Landing time, Landing airport) up to 5 times,
    Check out time.

    This data should be saved in a file (csv).

    Some calculation is also required: calculation of block time, calculation of duty period, etc.

    I hate the "keyboard" on PPC, so I created a Form2 with the keyboard that looks like keyboard on the FMS. So when I push the "vnos" button, the Form2 should open so I could start entering the values in the form1 but without closing the form2 between textboxes on form1. Complicated? yeah I know!

    If any suggestions, help.


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  2. Cableguy

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    You can use the focus event of the controls, and use a panel to hold the keyboard, bringing it to the front when ever a control gained focus.
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