looking for industry products based on B4X


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Thanks Johan. Interesting solution.
How about the battery managment if you keep your app running for long time? It's always one issue with them... I try to use 18650 batteries whenever I have space enough, but they take to much space...

Had some days off, sorry for late feedback to you Sir. Zoltan
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TripInspect is my transportation app (originally) designed for Commercial Motor Vehicle Hours Of Service requirements.
I expanded the base of the app to manage the unique requirements of the haul operation at the Teck Resources Red Dog Mine, Alaska.
The industrial tablets connect via Bluetooth to the ECM for engine data. GPS is used for precise position tracking.
The device connects via Wifi to the scale controller for Gross, Net Tare weight data - for each load hauled.
All data is transferred to the local (on-site) server via wifi at the end of each shift.
Device apps are automatically updated whenever I produce new features (often).

B4J / ABMaterial
The local server hosts the web app I built with B4J and ABM. All device data is processed and stored in MySQL database.
This app provides all management reports, graphs, maps and so much more...
This system has been operating 24 hours a day for the past seven years - without any issue.
It just keeps getting better with each feature request.

I can state quite frankly that I would NOT have been able to accomplish this without B4X.
Everything I do is with confidence and ease because of this most powerful framework.
I pity the poor bastards that are forced to use something else because "someone" doesn't understand what we have here - The Very Best Dev Environment On Earth"!!!!!!
And you can quote me on that....

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I am an international programmer of 40 years, I can use most developed languages. I can therefore say that the b4x series of programming tools are of a high professional level. I have been using the b4x suite for the last four years and would not even consider looking at anything else to develop in for my clients.

Using b4j with ABMaterial I have developed an application which is rate no1 in its market. It has a user base of thousands globally and rapidly expanding. Runs restful API's for thousands of connections per hour globally and performs at incredible speeds, flawlessly.

In my personal opinion any developer offering resistance to the b4x suite, really does not want to upskill to development tools that deliver! I also concur with Harris! Best development software EVER!

You can see one of my global apps "rose" on the following link: https://www.capterra.com/p/184475/Rose-for-Square/ or https://comparecamp.com/rose-for-square-review-pricing-pros-cons-features/


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yaniv hanya , I deeply understand your customers concerns about this product.
I like too much the language, tools, environment, visual designers and possibilities that B4X offer. I have many years developing and offering consulting about tools and languages in order to face projects and there are so many details behind each decision and the final selection.
Furthermore, I have to say, that compare with other tools - Xamarin & Xojo - B4X is not widely expose on the web comparing with its power. They are a first class tools, with a strong and professional community.
I appreciate too much the efforts from founder, much more when a full version is offered by free and it is up to date with last technology.
In fact, I built some dashboards to get people on noticed of changes in some cloud vertical products - ERP/CRM/BPM -
But - there is always a but - If I have to give my advice as a professional to some company to work with any product, I would see:
* Who / Whom / What is behind the product
* Professional certifications from that people.
* Last investments from other companies
* Partnerships
* List of best projects
* List of use cases

In this link I am not able to see the hole activities of a team - some few stars and few activities

In the About page of website, I am able to see that just one person is in charge

In fact my clients do not even know that the technical implementation was done using B4X, but if they asked, it was because they would be concerned about the maintenance of that tool. They would wonder who of their team or someone else other than me, could take charge in my absence,

So, this bundle of products, saved and will save more than one desperate situation and for sure that is managing complicated and risky tasks.
But if you face a professional IT team those questions will arrive sooner or later and showing uncertainties is not a good coin.

I feel that BANano is now offering a great opportunity to get rid of that uncomfortable questions behind some implementations.
Transpiling B4X to web code, is a magical/strong move towards offering compatibility with the web world and a large market of people available for maintenance.

So I have great expectations about BANano for spreading the word of B4X world , and I will continue to use B4X as is, in every place where no questions are set.
Have a nice 2021
Regards !